'100% Funded 100% of the Time' - an Industry First From Crowdfunding Veterans

Smart Crowdfunding Funding Program

Smart Crowdfunding shakes up the crowdfunding world with their exclusive equity crowdfunding program focused on getting issuers 100% funded, 100% of the time.

 Smart Crowdfunding, a crowdfunding consulting and marketing agency in its 10th year of operations, claims to have found the "holy grail of crowdfunding" with their exclusive "100% Funded, 100% of the Time" equity crowdfunding program.

Shane Liddell, SCF's CEO, who by some is considered the "nucleus of crowdfunding", stated: "Our new program evolves from a culmination of almost a decade of experience gained while operating and supporting hundreds of crowdfunding hopefuls. Follow the process and get funded. It really is that simple."

This new program has evolved from years of hands-on operational work and industry experience, coupled with a conversation between Liddell and another of the industry's greatest minds, Irwin Stein, a prestigious Wall Street-trained attorney who has practiced law in and around the capital markets for 40 years. Stein commented that far too many campaigns fail, knowing that "An intelligently planned, well-funded, and professionally executed crowdfunding campaign should be successful in raising the desired funds every time."

Many entrepreneurs, or established companies, turn to equity crowdfunding when they are ready to scale their business. It has become a much more attractive alternative to the traditional methods of acquiring capital for growth.

With the chances of raising capital from banks and VCs at an all-time low, equity crowdfunding has become a beneficial alternative.

Benefits of crowdfunding:

  • It's more efficient than traditional fundraising.
  • It's a place to build traction, social, proof, and validation.
  • It's an opportunity for crowdsourced brainstorming to refine ideas.
  • It gains early adopters, investors, and loyal advocates.
  • It doubles as marketing and media exposure.
  • It increases sales/revenue
  • It's a situation where the issuer truly dictates the terms of the offer.

As entrepreneurs turn to crowdfunding with stars in their eyes, many of them are extremely disappointed with the performance of their crowdfunding campaigns. Liddell can quickly identify the main factors behind the failure of so many campaigns, especially since many of these companies make the same mistakes. As Liddell states, "Crowdfunding involves 90% preparation, 10% execution. Unfortunately, most skip the preparation part and head straight to the races".

Liddell continues, "To successfully raise capital via equity crowdfunding, you need to be investor-ready and have the resources to execute, including the liquid capital to do so. Together with our professional network, we focus on getting our issuers investor-ready in the quickest time possible and in effectively marketing their offer to completion."

There is a robust application process every issuer must go through to be accepted into this new program. To begin the application process, you can find their application form here: GET ME FUNDED

About Smart Crowdfunding: Smart Crowdfunding is a premier full-service Digital Marketing Agency. They specialize in all things crowdfunding, both in marketing and hands-on experience of running an actual campaign, raising millions for their clients. With combined experience of over 20 years within the industry, the team at SCF is highly skilled at all stages of marketing crowdfunding offers.  

For more information about Smart Crowdfunding: https://smartcrowdfunding.us

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