A Nearly Invisible Hidden Camera System is Found on Indiegogo

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the 'ICUmini' crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. This campaign is crowdfunding to bring the world's smallest HD hidden camera system to market.

ICUmini, the world’s smallest HD hidden camera, is being introduced to the public through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign has a funding goal of $35,000, which needs to be raised by November 1st in order to finalize the manufacturing process and begin mass production of this innovative in-home monitoring system.  The ICUmini is an ultra-tiny HD camera which can be implanted into ordinary household items such as a clock or an LED picture frame in order to “provide powerful secret monitoring!” It is so small and discreet that it is nearly invisible, which means only the people a user informs of the camera’s presence, will know it is there.

The ICUmini camera connects to a compact sync station, and can both monitor and record live audio and video feed from up to eight cameras. It is an easy to use DIY system, “setting it up takes as little as 5 minutes and you can set the cameras and station literally anywhere in your home or office. It could be in the kitchen, children’s rooms, office, garage or even a walk-in closet.”  The camera is not locked to its initial set-up location and can easily be moved from room to room due to the fact that it is battery powered and completely wireless. This means the ICUmini can be placed wherever a user believes the need is the greatest, and change its location as the need changes.

"With ICUmini we've just turned your household artwork into high-level security!"

Uwe Kreuzahler, CEO/ Co-founder

The ICUmini is not only quick and simple to set up, but it also connects to the user’s smartphone via the ICUmini app, which makes it very user friendly. A person can check on their home and kids at any time, and from anywhere so that they can make sure their home is safe and secure, that the housekeeper isn’t taking anything, a caregiver is taking proper care of their charges, and that the nanny or babysitter is giving their kids the love and attention they deserve. A user will get an alert, and the recording feature will automatically turn on, whenever movement is detected. While the ICUmini can currently monitor up to eight cameras, the company plans on increasing capacity in order to allow the ICUmini to monitor up to twenty-four in the future. This may seem like a potentially expensive item, but the ICUmini is actually extremely affordable with no monthly fees.

With all of the essential groundwork completed for the ICUmini, the company is ready to begin the next step of production. They have reached out to the crowd via their crowdfunding campaign in order to raise the funds needed to begin the engineering and manufacturing processes. All of their Indiegogo supporters have the opportunity to pre-purchase a camera system at a greatly reduced rate of 50% off normal retail price. The ICUmini can be purchased in various sets from the “Starter Pack” to the “Full Monty Pack”. There are several perks being offered as funding incentives. These perks range in value from a thank you “Show us your love perk” which enables a supporter to follow campaign progress, to various pre-purchase pack levels, and individual items. If all goes according to plan, they are expecting to begin shipping their ICUmini to their Indiegogo supporters in December 2014. Full details can be found on their campaign page.

About ICUmini:  

ICUmini is the world’s smallest HD hidden camera monitoring system. It was started when a friend of the CEO needed assistance monitoring his children’s nanny due to an issue of suspected abuse. They needed a completely discreet, hidden camera which led to the birth of the ICUmini.

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