Breathtakie! Introduces a Personal Breathalyzer Device

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the 'Breathtakie!' crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. This campaign endeavors to raise the funds needed to bring a personal breath analyzer to market.

‘Breathtakie!’ launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on August 29th in order to bring their newest innovation to market. This campaign has a funding goal of $65,000, which needs to be raised by September 28th in order to begin production of the ‘Breathtakie!’.  This invention is basically a personal breathalyzer test which promises to increase a users confidence level by analyzing the freshness level of their breath. Not only can it detect the potentially unpleasant aspects of the air they breathe out, but it can also detect alcohol level in less than a minute.  

This device can enhance a person's overall appearance by improving their confidence level. Before walking into an important meeting, whether it is personal or business, people always check the mirror. However, one's breath can often be the one aspect of their appearance that lets them down. The ‘Breathtakie!’ promises to change that factor by giving the average person a way to check their breath as easily as they check their physical appearance. The device is very easy to use because it simply attaches to an iOS/Android device. After attaching it to their phone, the user simply has to wait a few seconds for it to upload, then breathe into it and wait for it to analyze. The ‘Breathtakie!’ not only provides an analysis of breath quality, but also provides solutions and potential health diagnostics.

"We are always concerned about how we look and are perceived by others, which is natural - the better impression we make, the more successful we are in life."

Yuriy Isaev, Founder

The ‘Breathtakie!’ works by analyzing the chemical elements in the air a person breathes out. It detects components such as sulphur, methylmercaptan, etc. as well as their proportions. As the makers state, “We are always concerned about how we look and are perceived by others, which is natural - the better impression we make, the more successful we are in life.”  A person only gets one chance to make a great first impression, and even if everything looks perfect they can still feel unsure of themselves if they are not completely confident. The Breathtakie! gives them the confidence to know that they truly are putting their best foot forward in every situation.

With most of the groundwork completed, the team is ready to finalize product design and begin mass production. With this in mind they are reaching out to the crowd in order to raise the funding needed to bring their Breathtakie! into these final stages. They are planning on launching their finalized product in February 2015. Their campaign is offering several options for pre-purchase of the Breathtakie! from a single device to twenty devices. There is even the option with a contribution of $3000 or more to choose the final retail design for the Breathtakie!. Full details can be found on their campaign page.

About Breathtakie!:

Breathtakie! was created by a Kyiv based 3 man team which is headed by founder Yuriy Isaev. They describe themselves as a young team with a lot of ambition. They are very interested in modern innovations and healthy lifestyles. The Breathtakie! is their first invention.

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