Creativity Finds a Home With Vincent Vega

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the Vincent Vega crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. The campaign is seeking funds to create an amazing place where talent and creativity can be showcased.

Vincent Vega has launched a crowdfunding venture on Indiegogo with a target goal of $35,000. This campaign is raising the funds that are needed to open a “home for all things creative” in the downtown area of Athens, Greece. This business, known as Vincent Vega, will be having its grand opening approximately four months after successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign. This center will be a great place for all artists of all genres to bring their work to the world, and showcase their creativity for free.

Teamwork will be the foundation of Vincent Vega. They will work side by side with the artists to showcase their creativity, help them meet potential investors, put on their first show, or do whatever is needed to help make the artists dream a reality. “The idea behind the Vincent Vega project is pretty simple: when “I” becomes “we” everything is possible!” The only thing they ask in return is that the artist is truly passionate about their art. The creative team behind this project is equally passionate about making Vincent Vega a reality for both the artists and the general public as well. They state, “For the general public it is a great place to come and have a relaxing time, whether day or night, you can enjoy a meal prepared by our Italian chef, or a beverage as well as our own signature cocktails while enjoying a live performance, exhibition or just nice music.”

"We aim to build a place where any creative person can showcase their work for FREE and the public can have a meal and enjoy art, music and all things creative."

Vincent Vega, team

However, just like it will take teamwork between the artist and Vincent Vega for everyone to take that first step toward realizing their dreams.  Vincent Vega also needs your help to make the entire concept a reality. To encourage the public to support their vision, Vincent Vega is offering several great perks with this campaign. These perks, which serve as incentives for funders, range in value from a heartfelt webpage and Facebook thank you, to promotional items, Vincent Vega merchandise, and membership levels which come with various discount amounts.  Full details about Vincent Vega can be found on their campaign page.  

About Vincent Vega:  

Vincent Vega is a place where any creative person can showcase their work free of charge while the public can drink, dine and enjoy the artists’ creativity. It was dreamed up by a team of highly experienced and creative individuals who share an undying determination and mutual passion.  

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