Festuca Gives Power to the Bank's Patrons

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the innovative Festuca project on Indiegogo. The campaign is crowdfunding to raise the funds needed for an online banking system run entirely by the bank's patrons.

Festuca, which is an exciting new way for a person to do their banking, is being introduced to the public via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which was launched on August 18th. This campaign has a funding goal of $2,000,000 which needs to be raised by October 17th in order to open the bank’s virtual doors. The inventor of this concept decided it was time for a change after he grew tired of the power that modern banks have. This was how he came up with the idea of Festuca, a bank that is fully online and run entirely by the patrons.

Initially they will focus on the basics of banking: money deposit, money transfers, and mortgage loans. However, the creator of Festuca plans on introducing more features down the road as long as it doesn’t affect the bureaucracy of the bank. The main idea behind Festuca is to place the power back where it belongs, into the hands of the people. “Everything will finally be funded by the people for the people.” The bank patrons will run every aspect of the bank; from loan decisions to closing the contracts. This means the people themselves will decide who gets a loan and who doesn’t. They can also decide if they want to grant the full amount of the loan, or a partial amount. The loan decision will no longer be made according to the best interest of the bank, but in the best interest of the customer.

"Everything will finally be funded by the people for the people."

Amedeo, Founder

This concept will change the way banking is done. In keeping with the concept of “for the people” the inventor has chosen to reach out to the crowd in order to get his idea off the ground. The money raised will be used for: Festuca website security, hardware, advertising, web design, and public relations with a small percentage going toward other unforeseen expenditures. It will take a substantial amount to get the bank up and running. As an added incentive to all funders the campaign is offering several perk levels. Full details can be found on their campaign page.

About Festuca:  

Festuca is an online bank made for the people and run entirely by the people. This will resolve every problem encountered with standard bank bureaucracy by giving the power to the people.  .

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 To contact via email write to Amedeo at: vandervalth@hotmail.it