FlipMate Reinvents the Litter Box to Make Cat Households Even Happier by Eliminating the Messy Headaches

"FlipMate - The Designer Cat Litter Box" introduces an inspired solution to the hassles and mess of the dreaded litter box.

LuupaLabs proudly introduces “FlipMate”, a modern litter box that was created to make the most hated part of cat ownership the easiest task in the house. FlipMate combines form and function, to make it something that everyone would be proud to have in their home. The team states, “When we first came up with the idea for FlipMate, we not only wanted something aesthetically pleasing to look at, but a box that also merged the functions of other traditional litter boxes, making FlipMate the best marriage of design and function. We've designed it to be the only cat litter box you'll ever need. Saving time and money while taking the hassle out of poop scooping.”

There are several different types of litter boxes on the market today, but what makes FlipMate unique is its innovative design. FlipMate was created to look like a hinged box, akin to a briefcase, with a sifter screen that is attached to the lid. When it is time to clean the litter box, simply close the lid, flip the case, and open. The kitty litter is trapped by the sifting screen, which detaches for easy removal. This means the only thing removed from the box is the actual waste, which prevents wasted kitty litter. The fact that the screen stays with the lid also means that the owner no longer needs to worry about cats being injured by buried sifting screens, which are capable of causing broken paws and toes when the cats dig in the box. It also means a user will no longer needs to dig for the waste when it is time to clean the litter box. FlipMate is also very versatile. The box can be laid flat, placed against a wall to save space, or the lid and screen can be removed completely until needed. It also comes with an optional litter guard for the cats who like to kick the litter or spray, or for the cats who like their privacy. Not only is FlipMate the ultimate kitty litter box in terms of function, but it is also attractively designed so people will be proud to have it in their homes.

The team at LuupaLabs has been working very diligently on all of the essential groundwork for FlipMate, and they are now ready to begin the process of bringing the litter box to market which is why they have launched a crowdfunding campaign, and hired a team of crowdfunding specialists to help them spread the word. As an added bonus with this campaign, the team is offering their supporters the opportunity to get FlipMate at a significant discount off of regular retail pricing. It is currently being offered in 2 colors: Rose Thrift Pink and Ocean Blue, with a projected delivery timeframe of June 2017. Full details can be found on the campaign page.

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