Lightning Armor is a Simple Two Step Solution for Lightning Cables

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the 'Lightning Armor' project on Indiegogo. The team behind this campaign are crowdfunding to bring a two-step protective solution for lightning cables to market.

​Telewide, a Korea based professional technology design company, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their newest creation to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $3,900, which needs to be raised in order to bring Telewide’s “Lightning Armor” to market. This creation was inspired by the short life of lightning cables, and the extreme expense of always needing to replace them with a new cable. The team states, “Because of the extensive usage of the charging cable after 5 to 9 months since purchase you notice that it starts to tear open at the base of the connector and unless you take some protection measures, you will simply have to throw it away and get a new one.” That led them to come up with an extremely low-cost solution.

The usual methods for protecting or repairing a lightning cable involve tape, springs, or hard connectors. However, all of these are just temporary fixes and do nothing to actually save the cable. Lightning Armor is a more permanent fix to the problem. It is a small 2-step solution to protect lightning cables before they begin breaking or becoming frayed. It consists of an inner flexible silicon sleeve in order extend durability, and an outer hard plastic clip that snaps on to hold the sleeve in place. Prevention of damage by using this device can save a person a lot of money due to the fact that they will not have to replace a broken or dangerously frayed cable. Lightning Armor is available in five colors: gray, blue, green, yellow, and red.

"Protect your charging cable with our Lightning Armor. A truly Smart & colorful fashion statement!"

Pinpoint, team

The Telewide team has been working very diligently with all of the essential groundwork for Lightning Armor, and are now ready to launch the next phase in development which is why they are reaching out to the public via their crowdfunding campaign. They plan to initiate production during May 2015 with a projected shipping date of June 2015. All supporters of this campaign have the opportunity to pre-order Lightning Armor, from a single device to a multi-pack of 5000 units, at a substantial savings off of regular retail price. The team is also offering free worldwide shipping to all supporters of their campaign. Full details can be found on their Indiegogo campaign page.


TELEWIDE is a professional design group that continuously researches user-centered products and services. It consists of a talented group of designers who have extensive experience in their individual fields, such as human element research, industrial design and interaction design. They have experience in the areas of communication, medical devices, industrial equipment, toys, transportation, sports equipment and a lot more. They recently launched their newest design group: Pinpoint.

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