"The Marijuana Show" Launches Their Exciting New Reality Series

A compelling new reality series is being introduced to the public via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. "The Marijuana Show" hopes to raise the funds needed to compete production, while changing public opinion on a controversial hot-button topic.

Wendy Robbins, an Emmy award winning producer, and her talented partner Karen Paull have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their newest creation “The Marijuana Show” to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $50,000, which needs to be raised by January 12th in order to finish production of this entertaining and informative reality series. This show is already getting great reviews and press from several major networks. The creative team behind the show state, “The Marijuana Show is like Shark tank meets The Apprentice for Budding Ganjapreneurs!" Their ultimate goal with this production is to expel many of the myths and fallacies that plague legalized marijuana, while providing invaluable assistance to budding entrepreneurs.    

Much of the hype and hysteria behind legalized marijuana is fear based, and “The Marijuana Show” hopes to dispel the myths and display the other side of the debate in an entertaining and informative fashion. The team wants “to show the World a new image for the cannabis professional, and do away with the negative image that most fear based media like "Reefer Madness" have perpetuated.” This reality show will open eyes to the truth as it banishes the illusion, and reveals the multi-faceted benefits behind legalized marijuana. It will serve as a forum to advocate, entertain and educate the public in order to help promote legalization. “The Marijuana Show” will be produced in 20 episodes that will be aired on network TV or cable.

"The Marijuana Show is like Shark tank meets The Apprentice for Budding Ganjapreneurs!"

The Marijuana Show, Team

The creative team has been interviewed by several major networks such as CNBC, FOX, CNN, and many more.  “The Marijuana Show” is becoming a hot topic right now, and promises to be the biggest advocate for legalizing marijuana, but first they must complete production so the show can finally hit national airwaves. They have already shot and paid for 6 days of filming and edited 8 of the 20 episodes. The team is now ready to complete production of the remaining episodes for Season 1, but they need help to make this a reality which is why they have launched their Indiegogo campaign. As an added bonus with this campaign the team is offering a wide variety of amazing perks. These perks range in value from a simple “shout out” perk which enables a supporter to follow campaign progress and receive all of the updates, to several merchandise items including a DVD set, the opportunity to get personally involved in the show, a rare opportunity for a walk-on role, and much more. Full details can be found on their Indiegogo campaign page.

About The Marijuana Show:

The Marijuana Show is the brainchild of a very talented team of women. Wendy Robbins, the Producer/Director, is a 2 time Emmy award winning director/producer with a long list of accomplishments including a starring role on “Homemade Millionaire” with Kelly Ripa, plus 14 years working on Reality TV with HBO, MTV, CBS, and most major networks. Her partner Karen Paull is the Co-Producer and Assistant Director with 15+ years of experience as a sales and marketing expert, former VP of Snapfish and an acting professor at UNM. The women created this show for network TV or cable, with the goal of opening eyes and benefitting society as well as helping budding entrepreneurs.  

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