An Inspirational Future EMT Has Launched a Crowdfunding Campaign in the Hopes of Making His Dream a Reality

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the 'My Dream To Save Lives' crowdfunding project on GoFundMe. This team is fundraising to send the campaign creator to EMS training school to fulfill his career dream.

Valgau Jackson has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the GoFundMe platform in order to raise the funds needed to attend EMS Academy and fulfill his dream of becoming become an EMT. EMS schools can be very costly, especially since the training is so specialized and intense. These schools train future lifesavers in all of the skills necessary to go out into the field and make a difference. They focus on everything from basic skills such as CPR to advance life-saving skills, and condition or situation assessment. The training received at an EMS school is very rigorous, demanding, and intensely specialized. It is for this reason that it takes a very special individual to enter the EMS program. 

A big part of the prerequisite for becoming an EMT and completing EMS school is having the desire, passion, ambition and drive to pursue this path. This is an area that will help propel Valgau Jackson forward in his academics because he has an immense amount of passion and ambition when it comes to becoming a licensed EMT. Jackson knew he wanted to take this path for his life when his mother suffered from low-blood pressure and the paramedics had to be called to save her life. Jackson watched the professionalism and speed with which they assessed the situation and his mother’s medical needs. He was impressed and realized at that moment that this was the path he wanted to follow in his own life.

With a clear goal in mind, Jackson started researching the steps he needed to take, and the different schools that can help him reach his goal. He has managed to get a $10,000 grant from the government to help cover a portion of his tuition, but he has no idea where he will get the rest of the money needed. This campaign has a funding goal of $35,000, which needs to be raised to pay the remainder of the $45,000 tuition. Without help, Jackson will not be able to attend school and fulfill his noble dream of becoming an EMT. This fact is what inspired him to reach out to the public via his crowdfunding campaign. Full details can be found on his GoFundMe Campaign Page or by writing to Valgau Jackson personally.  

About Valgau Jackson:

Valgau Jackson is 34 years old and grew up in Orlando, Florida.  He is the loving father of two small children. Jackson is very focused on pursuing the career of his dreams, and building a strong enough foundation for his kids that he can send them to college when the time comes. He has wanted to be an EMT since 2009. His mom’s health emergency and the actions of the EMT workers, inspired him to become very focused on making it a reality.  Like everyone, he has made mistakes in his life, but his strong faith in God and love for his children has turned his life around. Helping people is very important to him. Not only does he want to make this a career choice, but he also volunteers at the Salvation Army during the holidays. Jackson is a driven and passionate young man with the ability and desire to succeed in EMS training school.

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